Osomatsu-san (2015)

Sometime around early September last year, I had gone through the seasonal anime chart. You know, the one that shows all the upcoming movies. Yeah, that chart.

As I kept giving quick looks to the various titles on display, a certain one had caught my eye. Yes, that anime was Osomatsu-san. What with it’s art style and rather eccentric color palette that screamed everything but modern Japanese animation, I was instantly captured.

Well, even though I was caught, I still didn’t watch the show until 2 days ago. The reason for that was, well, it’s a rule of mine to not watch or read something that it still ongoing. So, seeing as I hadn’t watched any anime in a while and was really hungering for a gag show, naturally, I instantly remembered Osomatsu-san.

And I watched it. And I just finished it. So, here’s a review.

Osomatsu-san was released in the Fall of 2015. This is not an original anime. It’s a reboot (of sorts) of a very old popular manga (1960s) by Fujio Akatsuka. I don’t know who convinced the higher-ups of Studio Pierrot to make this but, thank God they did because as peculiar and absurd as this show is, I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Jyushimatsu waiting for his order outside Japanese Starbucks.

Look at that guy up there. You see his face? The way he’s sitting? How much he looks like he’s enjoying himself but seemingly has no idea just what the hell is going on? Well, that was pretty much me throughout the course of Osomatsu-san.

The basic premise is that the Matsuno sextuplets and numerous other characters of Akatsuka-sensei’s work have grown up into their 20s and it’s about their lives. The catch is that they aren’t as innocent as they were in Akatsuka’s manga (in which they were kids). And so, we have 6 sextuplets – namely Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Todomatsu, Ichimatsu, Chorofappyski, and Jyushimatsu – who are at the bottom of society. They have no jobs, haven’t gone to college, are virgins, still live with their parents, and are pretty damn evil as it becomes apparent as the show continues.

Osomatsu is the eldest of the sextuplets. He also the most normal. Karamatsu is one of those ‘super kool’ leather jacket wearing womanizer wannabes who you can’t help but pity. Todomatsu is the cute yet utterly vile youngest brother. Ichimatsu is what you get when cross a serial killer and a cowardly bishi together with a pinch of cat hair. Chorofappyski’s name pretty much says it all. And Jyushimatsu… let’s not go there. There really is no good way to describe him. What I will say is that he is my favorite of the brothers.

The supporting cast is really diverse as well. Firstly there’s Iyami the con artist, Chibita the oden-otaku, and Totoko-chan the average  American cheerleader sort. Hatabou, Dayon, and the semi-nude fat guy serve mostly as gag pushers but at times they can really shine (like in the Great Race episode).

To be honest, most of the gags in Osomatsu-san were some of the dumbest things I’ve seen in recent history but, boy, did I sensibly chuckle at them. As stupid as they were, they were largely returning and continuously build upon each other in subsequent episodes as you watch the show.

Jyushimatsu at an interview.

If you’re going to watch the show then I will tell you that it is certainly not for kids. Don’t let the character designs fool you – this is not a shitty Doraemon type show. Quite a lot of the gags are rather vulgar. Taking a dump in public in anger and shoving your naked ass in an interviewer’s face are recurring gags. Now you know what to expect: a tame Japanese South Park.

What really annoyed me at first was that I couldn’t tell which brother was which and they pretty much sounded the same. As the show went on, I learnt how to distinguish between them and I somehow felt a sense of achievement. Also, some of the skits were just so left-field that I could only say, “Hwat?” There was a skit about the a post-apocalyptic world devoid of moisture with mankind killing each other for skin lotion. Yep. Points for creativity, I guess.

The voice acting was really good. You could really feel the Seiyuus putting their all into the ‘Sheeh’s. The background music and the Ending and Opening songs were pretty abysmal for me. I couldn’t even bear to listen to the Endings and Openings the first. Though, the music may have been bad, the visuals were not. At least they were weirdly fun to watch due to the fact that they were vastly different from most anime Openings and Endings. Check out the link below to see what I’m talking about.

Second Ending

Anyways, overall, I really enjoyed the show. Even if you’re not a fan of gag anime, you should still give Osomatsu-san a try. It’s the perfect show to binge with a drink after coming home tired from work. Or if you’re a NEET – after waking up at 5 PM and deciding not to cry about how shit your life is. The Matsuno brothers have it worse than you. Trust me.

I give Osomatsu-san an 8 out 10.

This guy knows what I’m talking about.

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